1965 Society

The 1965 Society is a special giving level of the Annual Fund. This level includes all gifts to our annual fund valued at $1,000 or more. This investment provides a crucial bridge between tuition revenue and the actual cost of running the school, offering relief to the operating budget and directly affecting students, faculty and numerous programs across the campus. Gifts can be unrestricted or designated to a department of your choice. 

A commitment of $1,000 or more to our annual fund this year will be used to help increase, influence and grow our programs, enrollment and community. We look forward to building on our solid foundation of creating successful students who live for Christ and are prepared for the future. 

Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts. 


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1965 Society Members


  • Kim & Steven Boatwright 
  • Ashley & Josh Boaz (B. Four Plied, Inc.)
  • Melanie & Jason Butler 
  • Stephanie & Scott Cannon
  • Kimberly & Joshua Deakins
  • Jen & Greg Ford 
  • Drs. Jennifer & Andy Graham
  • Justin Hanson
  • Holly & Roy Harkness 
  • Teresa & Jason Hatchel 
  • Bethany Huffman
  • Marsha & Brian Kuykendall
  • Elizabeth & Paul Lague 
  • Dawn & Russell McDaniel 
  • Meg & Sherman McGill
  • Nancy & Paul Rose
  • Hillary & Andrew Sanford 
  • Katie & Jon Mark Shirley 
  • Magda & Harry Sinis (Olympic Steak & Pizza)
  • Janice Smith
  • Rachel & Graham Stafford (Advantek Machinery, LLC)
  • Elaine & Don Sweat (Sweat Farm Partnership)
  • Laurie & John Tucker
  • Lalania & Cary Vaughn
  • Shauna & Jonathan Walker
  • Ginger & Tommy Whitlock
  • Amanda & Nelson Williams

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