Class of 2019 Senior Spotlight: Jasielayne Nichole Wilson
  • Upper School

Jasielayne Nichole Wilson is a senior this year at TRA. She is an honest individual who enjoys spending time with her friends. When away from school activities, Jasie works to earn a profit. She has aspirations to study IT (Information Technology). IT focuses on managing technological systems so that technology functions well for society.

At Tipton-Rosemark, Jasie was inspired by Mandy Hopper, a beloved former teacher. Hopper is a straightforward, hardworking woman who encouraged Jasie to follow her own path. Along with Hopper’s classes, Jasie enjoys the courses that TRA offers to its students. Jasie will always hold the Candle Light Ceremony close to her heart, where TRA’s departing seniors share their “light” to the juniors. Jasie will continue to share her light with the world as she makes her own footprints in life’s pathway.

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TRA Students Get the TOTAL Experience
  • Upper School

The TOTAL Leadership Program is a joint project of the Covington-Tipton County and South Tipton County Chamber of Commerce. TOTAL provides a learning experience to help develop community awareness and leadership skills. The 9-month program focuses on current issues and concerns in Tipton County. The students participated in community-wide field trips and projects. These students were able to gain so much knowledge and understanding from exploring their community. We are so proud of all of the hard work and dedication that they put in to this program. Congratulations to the TRA representatives on their graduation!

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Class of 2019 Senior Spotlight: Jack Burton Flanders
  • Upper School

Jack Flanders is a senior this year at Tipton-Rosemark Academy. When not excelling in academics—Jack’s GPA and ACT scores are well above average, Jack uplifts and encourages his peers. Jack enjoys performing in theater; he played numerous roles in TRA’s Crazy for You, acting as Perkins, Pete, and a Cowboy Dancer. Last fall, Jack took on the role of a doctor in And Then There Were None. Martial arts is another one of Jack’s favorite pastimes.

Jack respects the family environment that is fostered between students at TRA. Those he meets—both in and out of school—inspire him to continue through life with a positive attitude. Jack’s biggest inspiration is everyone; he explains, “Every person I meet has such struggles, yet they continue to move forward.” Jack is thrilled for his future at Ole Miss, where he will study Psychology before attending medical school. Jack will continue to be encouraged by humanity’s unyielding strength as he walks into the next phase of his life in college and beyond.

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Why We're Crazy about this Show... Crazy for You!
  • Arts

TRA’s Theater Department has been working hard to prepare for this year’s spring musical, Crazy for You. Director Lalania Vaughn has conducted astonishing performances in the past, and this drama will be no different. Students have endured late nights to showcase their acting talent. All of the show’s crew—both cast and backstage members alike—look forward to this event. Any viewer will most definitely be crazy for this performance.

Tickets are on sale now! Do not miss out on your opportunity to see our students shine. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for student-age children. 

STORY: Bobby Child, a banker from New York, travels to Nevada to foreclose on an old theater. Bobby falls in love with the theater owner’s daughter, Polly Baker. The banker’s smooth words do not impress Polly. Despite his initial rejection, Bobby vows to win the heart of his love and save her father’s theater.

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Prayer Garden Built by Student as Part of Eagle Scout Project
  • Upper School

Tipton-Rosemark has a new attraction organized by one very talented sophomore, Seth Walker. This young man has been with the Boy Scouts of America for six years. To reach the Eagle Scout rank, one must complete their Eagle Scout Project. The idea for a Prayer Garden in TRA’s courtyard became Walker’s unique endeavor. Friends, leaders, and fellow scouts accompanied him in following the project through till the end. Walker began by requesting approval from both the school and District Scout Representatives. After securing permission, he was able to purchase supplies and carry out his plan. Tile, gravel, and fieldstone were placed before adding the main pieces. The whole effort spanned eight months—from idea to execution—and required over fifty hours to complete. At its completion, the Prayer Garden showcases a beautiful wooden cross surrounded by four benches.

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