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our transition to remote learning - Spring 2020

And why we will be ready should we have to do it again!

When the decision to temporarily close school, in the interest of public safety because of the rapidly spreading COVID-19, it was the final day of Tipton-Rosemark Academy's spring break.  Just three days later, our staff met to discuss plans for transitioning to remote learning.  How was our entire school, PK2-12th grade, ready to launch remote learning in all grades just one week later?  The answer is simple.  It is because TRA is a 1:1 Macbook/iPad school, and our faculty regularly uses technology platforms and resources in their classrooms.  Our upper school has used Google Classroom as a management platform for two years, and our students are already comfortable with that medium.  Our elementary students already use Spelling City, IXL, and Brain Pop regularly.  Despite the grade level, our kids are comfortable with the resources being used for remote learning during this unprecedented time.  Academic growth is one of the most important responsibilities in education, but we also recognize that social interaction is also important for social development.  Through Zoom and Google Meet, our teachers were able to maintain face-to-face interaction with their classes during this time.

We are back on campus for the 2021-22 school year! While some families have opted to continue distance learning, the majority of our students are back on campus. Should the need arise for all or part of our students to distance learn, we will be ready. Our teachers are preparing our students now for this possibility.

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