Dress Code Policy Reminders

 Listed below are the policy items being addressed most often. Please review these expectations with your children, and help us ensure that your child is meeting them when he/she comes to school each day. Our faculty, staff and administration sincerely appreciate your partnership and support in this area.

  1. Student uniform clothing is expected to be neat, clean, size and length appropriate; under garments, midriffs, nor cleavage should be exposed.
  2. Undershirts or camisoles that are worn must be tucked in and must be red, white or navy.
  3. Skorts and skirts for young ladies should be NO MORE than 3 inches above the knee.
  4. Shirts for young men should be tucked in, and belts must be worn.
  5. Tights, leggings, and socks must be solid red, white, navy, or black.
  6. NO rubber shoes, plastic shoes, or house shoes should be worn to school.
  7. Young ladies should only have conventional ear piercings on the lower ear lobe, and young men should not wear ear or body piercings while at school.
  8. Extreme types of haircuts and colors are not permitted. Hair color must be within the normal ranges of natural hair colors.
  9. Young men’s hair must not hang below the collar, touch the eyebrow, or extend below the middle of the ear. Young men must also not have facial hair, and should be clean shaven each day.