TRA Cafe

We have partnered with MMI Dining Services to ensure that our students are receiving great tasting food that is great for them.  Our goal is to keep nutrition a priority, while providing high-quality food that our students will love.  Our meals are prepared fresh daily by the dedicated staff in the Cafe.  Every other Wednesday we serve our students Chick-Fil-A and every other Friday they enjoy pizza delivered by a local pizza restaurant.  

A Message from the TRA Cafe

As we welcome back students to the new school year, some TRA Café procedures will look a little different. 

Students will have scanner badges this year at the register instead of using pin pads. This change will allow students to simply scan their badge at the register, ensuring a touch-less checkout. The lower school will keep their badges in class with the teacher daily. The middle and high school will be responsible for keeping their badges for daily use in the café. We are also moving to a cashless system this year. If you do send cash with your student to pay for their meal, any overage will be added to the student’s account.  You will need your child’s café student ID. Your child's teacher can supply that number to you.

We will be offering fewer choices this year to ensure social distance guidelines and a safe and
expedited Cafe experience. The café will mirror both steam tables that serve hot foods allowing two lines to go through the café and checkout faster. We are committed to giving as many options and as much variety as possible while keeping your children safe.

Finally, our biggest change will be how the preschool orders lunch daily. On the school website, there will be a link to the monthly menus and daily, grade specific, lunch order forms. You can pick selections for each day and submit them to ensure your child receives a lunch. Simply complete the form and click on the submit button. Make sure the appropriate funds are available on your child’s account, or send a check/cash to school for payment. Keep in mind, if you send more than the amount, the overage will be made as a credit to the student's account. If you have any questions, please email and we will address any needs you may have. Thank you, and we are looking forward to serving your children in the Cafe this year!

MMI Dining Services Commitment to You & Covid-19 Awareness

  • All kitchen staff will be required to wear a mask while serving and preparing meals in the Café.
  • All team members will wear an approved face covering, apron, and nitrile gloves during the preparation and service of meals.
  • All meal service activities and seating options will comply with the appropriate social distancing guidelines.
  • We will provide directional signage and management to support safe and expeditious traffic flow.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to all students, faculty, staff, and guests throughout the cafeteria.
  • Meal service utensils, and condiments will be single-use.
  • Students will now be able to swipe their Student ID at the register rather than key in their ID. This will help prevent the spread of germs, and speed up the flow of traffic.
  • We will be adopting a no change policy for those who pay with cash. This policy means that anyone who pays with cash, the remaining change will be added to the students account. This policy will help with preventing the spread of germs and speed up the flow of traffic.

Order Forms

Preschool and Kindergarten Order Form 

TEACHER Order Form 

Elementary & Upper School Students (1st-12th) do not preorder lunch.


You may now register with MealpayPlus to manage your student(s) lunch card. Click on the MealpayPlus link below and follow these simple instructions to register your account online. 

MyPaymentsPlus  Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account. The District is Tipton Rosemark Academy. 

Add your student(s) using their TRA Cafe Student ID (this is different from their Powerschool ID) 

Continue adding personal information. Please be sure to include the e-mail address where you would like notifications from MealpayPlus regarding your account.

Use MealpayPlus to:
  1. Make payments using a credit card, debit card or check. 
  2. Check account balances online or via phone. 
  3. Auto-pay your account when it reaches a low balance.
  4. Receive notifications when your account balance is low. 
  5. View your account balance 24/7. 
  6. Monitor student purchases.

School Calendar

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