Lower School Arts

Vocal Arts

The purpose of music in the elementary is to help students to develop enthusiasm and an appreciation for music. Students explore a variety of different musical genres and perform at various events throughout the school year.

  • Pre-School Thanksgiving Day Program
  • Kindergaten Graduation
  • Christmas Program
  • Veterans Day Program
  • Grandparent's Day Program

5th & 6th grade students are encouraged to participate in the Treble Honor Choir - a part of the Tennessee Music Education Association.

Visual Arts

Elementary students learn about the basic elements of visual art. They experiment with a variety of art tools, materials and processes. Students study works of famous artists to learn about different creative processes. They produce original works of art using a variety of mediums including watercolor, tempera, pastel, charcoal, oil pastels, printmaking and collage. 

Elementary students are encouraged to participate in the annual Art Show.


Fine Arts Calendar

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