What Questions Should I Ask During a Tour?

Selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Knowing the right questions to ask will help make that process easier. The following questions should help in your decision making process. 


  1. What differentiates the curriculum from other schools in the area?
  2. How does the school meet each child's academic needs? 
  3. How do I monitor how my child is performing?
  4. What standardized testing do your students take?
  5. Do you offer a foreign language? In which grades do foreign language instructions begin? 
  6. How do you incorporate technology into the classroom?
  7. What is your Christian philosophy? And how is it incorporated into daily school life?
  8. What sports do you offer? In which grades do team sports start?
  9. What fine arts programs do you offer? In which grades do fine arts programs start?
  10. Do you have a dress code or uniform policy? 
  11. How does your school support the college decision making process? What is your college acceptance rate?
  12. What is your average ACT score?
  13. What does your parental involvement look like?
  14. What are your hours and do you provide after or before care?
  15. Besides tuition, what other expenses can I expect?

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