PreK 4 Curriculum

In PreK 4, our goal is to set the academic and spiritual foundation needed for your child to be successful in the years to come.  Our four year olds learn through a mixture of structured seated activities, small group activities and purposeful play. They love being read to, building things and having a variety of hands on activities. We encourage learning through group activities and collaborative work and our hope is that our students will form friendships that will grow in the years to come. 

Language Arts
  • Identify uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Identify sound isolation for all letters
  • Write first and last name
  • Form letters correctly
  • Read CVC words
  • Count orally to 50
  • Identify numbers 0-20
  • Match numerals to sets up to 20
  • Write numerals 0-20
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Identify ordinal positions 1st-6th
  • Position words
  • 2 part and 3 part patterns
Science/Social Studies
  • Seasonal changes in weather and temperature
  • States telephone number and address
  • Themed activities
Social/Emotional Development
  • Adjust to learning environment
  • Express emotions appropriately
  • Share and take turns
  • Demonstrate self-control
  • Participate and cooperate
Gross/Fine Motor Skills
  • Make basic handwriting strokes: straight, slanted, curved lines, circles
  • Use scissors correctly
  • Fine motor centers (play doh, STEM building, puzzles, sticker activities,  sensory bin)
  • Jumping, hopping, skipping, playground play
Bible/Character Development
  • Daily devotional and prayer
  • Daily worship songs/interaction
  • Weekly elementary chapel
  • Show respect to others
  • Use manners
  • Show concern for others and respond in a kind manner