PreK 2 Curriculum

Tipton-Rosemark Academy recognizes all children are image bearers of God and seeks to educate the whole child - mind, body, and spirit. We believe children learn best through purposeful play, engaging curiosity and exploring God's creation. Classroom environments are loving and nurturing while fostering independent thinking and discovery through play. Our 2K program is child-centered and language rich, helping children to grow into and develop their God-given gifts and abilities.

Christian Worldview
  • Fosters a love for God’s Word in sharing Bible stories daily
  • Encourages wonder and share in awe about the created world
  • Celebrates children as image bearers of God
  • Auditory Processing
    • listens to stories
    • recognizes first name in print
    • explores concept of print
    • simulates reading
  • Expressive Language  
    • speaks in complete sentences
    • sings songs and rhymes
    • follows two-part instructions
    • engages in conversation with adults and peers
    • responds to questions, counting with help
    • classifies and sorts objects into simple groups by simple groups by attributes
    • recognizes basic shapes
  • Attention
    • engages with others during carpet time
    • attends to a task for 2-3 minutes
    • follows two-part instructions
  • Motor skills
    • uses restroom
    • washes and dries hands independently
    • develops gross motor skills
    • claps, establishes grip, and constructs with blocks or other objects enhancing fine motor skills
  • Cooperative Play
    • interacts other children in a playful manner
    • engages in pretend play
  • Self-Awareness
    • Begins to identify and express feelings