Preschool Curriculum Guide

Our Pre-K classes, for children who are 2, 3 or 4 years old by August 15, are introduced to an excellent literacy-based program that builds a foundation for reading, grammar, writing and spelling skills.  A structured mathematics program is also introduced. They are building skills that will give them a solid foundation for the next level of learning. Teachers encourage a child's curiosity and learning through various hands-on experiences. They address the developmental areas of play including fine/gross motor skills, emotional/social skills, cognitive and language sills. The best part is that it is fun and age appropriate; at times the children think they are just playing, but playing is part of the learning process.

This guide is designed to provide a general understanding of Tipton-Rosemark Academy's Preschool curriculum. Because the TRA curriculum is ever-changing, this guide does not articulate every skill, topic, concept, or experience but instead serves to illustrate skills that are considered essential for success in each grade.