Physical Education

The TRA Lower School PE Program has a very diverse instructional curriculum, where we use creative gaming, warm-ups, and assessment strategies to develop the confidence of skill and competence of each child. Below are a few sample bullet points of our approaches:


  • 2K - 4K grades focuses on the development, understanding, and competency of movement patterns. We teach movement patterns by incorporating animal movements. By using animal movements our students are able to have fun, and be creative. Furthermore, our students are developing a foundation for understanding within locomotor skills, that are crucial towards their future development. Games and activities are also centered around TFU (teaching for understanding model) where we spend a lot of time learning spacial awareness, following instructions, memorization games, and chasing and fleeing, and retrieval.


  • K-2 grades features a more advanced reinforcement of the locomotor skills and development that was learned in 2k-4k. At this level, our animal movement patterns are more advanced, and designed into a specific warm-up routine where students repetitively perform the locomotor skills. With games and activities, we use the TFU Model as well as the Skill Theme Approach Models. Whether we feature an activity that is sports specific, or chasing and fleeing, our games and activities are creatively engaging our students to grow confidently and to develop a high level of competence.


  • 3-5 grades our goal is to essentially combine all of the skills that they have learned. At this level, alot of our warm-ups and body movement exercises feature speed/agility, body weight exercises, and yoga techniques. From a gaming standpoint, at this grade level, we use all instructional models and strategies to teach sports specific games, that children of all ages and skill levels (within this grade range) can do. Throwing and dodging, chase and flee, moving and stationary target games, teamwork/communication games, and much more.