First Grade Curriculum

First grade is an exciting year where students grow academically, socially, and spiritually. Our first grade curriculum provides a rigorous and challenging experience for all students. We strive to strengthen the student’s reading, mathematical, and writing skills. Students learn in a loving environment that encourages self discipline, participation, and respect. Our students are taught vital skills to help them now and in the future.

Language Arts
  • Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllable, and sounds
  • Use decoding skills to read with accuracy, fluency, and expression
  • Recognize sight words in isolation and in context
  • Apply comprehension strategies to gain understanding of text
  • Begin to self-monitor reading and make connections
  • Demonstrate understanding of spelling rules and patterns
  • Practice narrative, opinion, and informational writing
  • Begin to understand sentence structure and parts of speech when writing
  • Count objects accurately and make estimates
  • Identify even and odd numbers
  • Compare and order whole numbers up to 100
  • Identify and understand place value to 100s
  • Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies
  • Add and subtract two-digit numbers without regrouping
  • Interpret and solve simple word problems
  • Apply math skills to real life situations
Social Science
  • Recognize how plants depend on their surroundings - plant life cycle
  • Understand the importance of community helpers
  • Identify the differences between goods, services, needs, and wants
  • Recognize basic map symbols, including, cities, lands, roads, and water
  • Identify the importance of historical leaders - past and present
  • Understand the importance of patriotic traditions including the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Distinguish the difference between rules and laws
  • Recognize traits of good citizens