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Caring for your MacBook


  1. Make sure you keep your MacBook inside the carrier when not using or charging it.
  2. This sleeve is well-padded and should protect it from most carelessness.
  3. When removing your MacBook, place it on a flat surface.

Battery Life

  1. In order to get the most out of your battery, first let the battery run until it roughly 20% of it's charge is remaining.
  2. Charge the battery to 100%.
  3. Once fully charged, remove the charger.
  4. Do not keep the charger plugged into the charger when fully charged.
  5. This will help the battery run through the cells and should then be able to operate for 7-8 hours at a time.


  1. For the keyboard, air canisters can be used to clean off dust.
  2. Use screen wipes for the screen only.
  3. Do not use window cleaner.
  4. If you want to clean off the protective shell, Magic Eraser works well.


  1. Make sure to empty your trash and clear your downloads periodically.
  2. This will help your machine run faster and more efficiently.


  1. Store your documents in correct folders.
  2. The documents section is where you should create more folders and utilize storage and organization.

Ejecting USB

  1. Always correctly eject jumpdrives, cameras and other USB cords.
  2. A quick way to eject is to drive the icon to the trash can.
  3. When the icon is no longer visible, it is safe to remove the USB drive.


  1. There are no guarantees that a harddrive will not crash.
  2. It is best to always back up your data through an external harddrive, jumpdrive, CD or even e-mailing yourself the documents.
  3. Time Machine is a great way to back up your information and setup, as well.
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