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Scholarships and Memorials

Scholarships and Memorials

Scholarship Gifts

There are several Memorial Scholarships given to students at TRA. Any money given to these scholarships will go to a deserving student chosen by various committees.

  1. Alumni Association Scholarship
  2. To be considered for this award, the student must meet academic, leadership, and extra-curricular requirements. In addition to that, the recipient of the Alumni Scholarship must have at least one parent who is active in the alumni association.

  3. Gail Davidson Memorial Scholarship
  4. In addition to meeting the academic and extra-curricular criteria, this application requires seniors to submit an essay to reflect on all the teachers by whom they had been mentored and decide who had the greatest influence in their life and way of thinking. This question was chosen because of the impact Ms. D. made on students' lives, not only teaching them literature and proper grammar, but also lovingly and sacrificially committing her life to helping them develop. By awarding this scholarship, tribute is paid to all of those teachers who give of their time, talents, and love to our children.

  5. Josie Gray Memorial Scholarship
  6. This scholarship is awarded to a female graduating senior who is planning to enter the medical field. She must have with a minimum 2.6 grade point average. The student must have attended TRA for at least their junior and senior year and be involved in school and/or community teams, clubs, and activities. Students must have two reference letters from their pastor, Sunday School teacher, or youth director.

  7. Alicia Hornsby Memorial Scholarship
  8. Recipients must be a graduating senior girl planning to attend a four-year college. She must have attended TRA for at least two years and must have participated in at least one of the following activities during her time at TRA: girls basketball, cheerleading, softball, or drama. She will submit a 600-word double-spaced typed essay defining her personal aspirations, highlighting the opportunities she has had for Christian Outreach, the ways in which she has demonstrated her leadership capacities, and how she derives joy of living in God’s world. The essay will address how she will use her experiences to date and those she will gain in the future to make an impact on the betterment of her fellow man.

  9. Mike Griffin Memorial Scholarship
  10. Recipients must be a graduating senior witha minimum GPA of 2.75. The applicant will submit an essay or video project explaining the following questions: What does healthy mean?, What are the components of a healthy lifestyle?, and What will you do to be a role model in the future for a healthy lifestyle?

Living Memorial Fund

The Living Memorial located at the front of our campus was built in rememberence of of TRA students, alumni and faculty. Any monies donated to this fund will go towards adding any new names that may arise and the upkeep of the landscaping, etc. around the memorial.

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