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Upper School

Upper School

The upper school has developed two age appropriate schedules for the middle grades and high school grades.

Middle School

In the middle grades (6-8), students take a Reading/English, Math, Science, and Social Studies class each trimester. The focus of these courses is listed below. In addition to the core classes, each middle school student takes one trimester of Bible, one trimester of PE, and one trimester of Spanish. Middle school students also take an enrichment class, which includes a Choir emphasis, Art emphasis, and a special enrichment class. The special enrichment class for sixth grade is Drama, for seventh grade is Presentation Skills, and for eight grade is Study Skills and Critical Thinking.

Sixth grade: English/Reading, Math, World History, and Science (emphasis on Earth Science)
Seventh grade: English/Reading, Pre-Algebra, Geography, and Science (emphasis on Life Science)
Eighth grade: English/Reading, Algebra I, American History, and Physical Science

Middle School STEM Curriculum

Science education is central to the lives of all students, therefore it is becoming increasingly important to prepare students to be ready to participate in a global society. It is the goal of Tipton-Rosemary Academy to revise our middle school science curriculum to include standards for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Initially, our plan is to pilot this initiative for sixth grade, but with the intention of it to include all middle grades the following year. The benefit of such an initiative is the opportunity, as well as the accountability measure to include emphasis on the 4 C's of instruction in these science courses. The 4 C's are the areas of 21st Century Skills that include Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, and Critical Thinking. Additionally, a STEM infused science curriculum would incorporate cross-curricular components either in instructional plans or delivery, and in some cases both platforms. Assessment practices will also undergo a shift from traditional deliveries to more rubric-based evaluations. Major advances have taken place in the world of science and in our understanding of how students learn science more effectively. The time is right to take a fresh look and develop a curriculum framework supported by STEM standards.

High School

In grades 9-12, multiple level courses are designed to provide flexibility for individual differences and abilities for students. As a college preparatory school, TRA offers an extensive range of challenging courses to prepare its students for college, offering honors classes beginning in the eighth grade. Approximately one-third of the students in each class take honors courses, including Dual Enrollment (English composition and College algebra/calculus) and AP classes (English literature).

The college acceptance rate for TRA graduates has remained at 100% for the last five years. TRA offers a regular, an honors diploma, and a distinguished honors diploma. All diplomas require the completion of at least 24 credits. To be a candidate for Honors courses, students must meet GPA and testing requirements. For a complete listing of courses and graduation requirements (beginning with the Class of 2019), please click here.

For further information about the graduation requirements (through the class of 2018), point weighting system, class rankings, honors classes, and diplomas, please click here.

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