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Tipton-Rosemark Academy was founded upon the principles that effective education comes from the combined efforts of parents, teachers, and students working together in a highly motivated Christian learning environment. We believe that education is the single most important investment parents can make to insure the future success of their children as they prepare for the world of the 21st century. Our curriculum embraces not only academic achievement but also the moral, aesthetic, and character development of our students.

The program of studies is college preparatory with multiple level courses designed to provide flexibility for individual differences and abilities for students in grades 9-12. Tipton-Rosemark Academy provides a challenging academic program as well as a strong spiritual program.

TRA utilizes a letter system of grades ranging from A to F. For the purpose of computing grade point averages, quality points are assigned to letter grades as follows:

Grade Percentage Range Quality Points Assigned* Weighting for Honors Courses* Weighting for Advanced Placement Courses* Dual Enrollment
A 93-100% A=4 Honors classes receive 1.05 (5%) weighting to the numeric average. AP classes receive 1.10 (10%) weighting to the numeric average. Dual Enrollment classes receive 1.15 (10%) weighting to the numeric average.
B 85-92% B=3
C 75-84% C=2
D 70-74% D=1
F Below 70 F=0

*Denotes information that pertains to high school classes only
*No weighted credit will be awarded to numeric averages 70 or below in Honors or AP courses.
*We do not weight quality points.

TRA ACT Scores

This ACT report reflects the achievement of our graduates on the ACT over time and an indication of the extent to which they are prepared for college-level work. The ACT consists of curriculum-based tests of educational development in English, mathematics, reading and science designed to measure the skills needed for success in first year college coursework. From this table we can determine:

  1. Changes in the number and percentage of participants
  2. Score changes in subject areas and the ACT composite
  3. How our graduates compare with state averages

  4. Total Tested English Mathematics Reading Science Composite
    Year School/
    2006 36/44,985 25.6/20.8 22.7/19.9 25.1/21.1 23.8/20.3 24.5/20.7
    2007 36/48,113 22.8/20.8 20.9/19.9 20.9/21.1 20.8/20.4 21.5/20.7
    2008 44/50,225 23.8/20.8 21.2/19.9 22.3/21.1 21.4/20.3 22.3/20.7
    2009 47/52,052 22.6/20.7 20.5/19.8 21.1/21.0 20.5/20.4 21.3/20.6
    2010 48/66,553 23.5/19.4 22.5/19.0 23.0/19.9 22.0/19.6 22.9/19.6
    2011 46/68,524 23.1/19.4 20.2/19.0 21.4/19.7 20.7/19.4 21.5/19.5
    2012 47/68,095 23.7/19.6 22.8/19.1 23.8/19.9 22.1/19.6 23.2/19.7
    2013 46/69,641 23.1/19.3 21.0/19.1 22.5/19.8 21.2/19.4 22.1/19.5
    2014 56/69,505 25.4/19.6 22.3/19.2 23.9/20.1 22.5/19.6 23.7/19.8
    2015 51/68,737 23.7/19.5 21.2/19.3 22.6/20.1 21.5/19.9 22.4/19.8

    To view the ACT College Readiness Letter in it's entirety, please click here for page 1 and here for page 2.

    TRA Commercial Appeal Academic All-Stars

    The Academic All-Stars program is designed to recognize top high school students in the Memphis Metro area for academic excellence. The recipients from TRA have included:

    Class of 2016:
    Music: Heidi Miller - Overall Category Winner
    Drama & Speech: A. J. Wimberley
    General Scholarship: Mitch Long
    General Scholarship: Drew Whiteside

    Class of 2015:
    Drama & Speech: Ethan Kaiser - Overall Category Winner
    Music: Shelbi Sellers - Overall Category Winner
    Drama & Speech: Rachel Thomas
    General Scholarship: Matthew Canon
    General Scholarship: Logan Stewart

    Class of 2014:
    Drama & Speech: Tyler Vernon
    English & Literature: McKenzie Brower
    Foreign Language: Alexandra Bobbitt
    General Scholarship: Andrew Edmiston
    General Scholarship: Connor Alexander
    Music: Maddye Regis (Two-time recipient)
    Music: Reva Obenchain

    Class of 2013
    Drama & Speech: Elizabeth Starnes
    English & Literature: Spencer Atkins
    General Scholarship: William Benson

    Class of 2012
    General Scholarship: Sam Watson
    General Scholarship: Rachel Depperschmidt
    Science: Ryan Bailey

    Class of 2011
    English & Literature: Emma Sanders
    General Scholarship: Whitney Moskovitz

    Class of 2010
    English & Literature: Ariel Mathis
    Science: Aaron Davis

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